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Visiting Student Program

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The Visiting Student Program is designed to allow international students who meet the required standards in English proficiency to experience one or more quarters of university study at Cal State East Bay. Students gain invaluable exposure to the university culture and academic study of the United States and its Northern California San Francisco Bay area region. Students meet regularly admitted Cal State East Bay students in all their classes and can use the facilities of the university as regularly admitted students.

Ideal Students

  • Students in their "gap" year between high school and university
  • Students who want to take a break from their studies at a university in their home country
  • Students who want to take university courses for the cultural experience and the practice in using English.


Students in the program choose a subject area specialty to focus their studies at Cal State East Bay. Students work with their advisor by email before they arrive and in person in the first weeks of the quarter to pick courses that interest them or are required for further study with a view to counting that credit at a university back in their home country or applying it to a degree in the United States.

Visiting students usually register for three regular undergraduate classes (3 x 4 units) per quarter through the Open University system. In this system, they can take any class they are academically qualified to take and that is open during the online registration period. These courses are offered on a space available basis, and we cannot guarantee that any specific course will be available.

Open University Application forms are only available at the ALP Office. Detailed Open University class registration procedures and timelines are given at the New Student Orientation at the beginning of every quarter.

For a Cal State East Bay class schedule, please refer to the online class listing.

Admission Requirements

  • A TOEFL score of 71 or IELTS score of 6.0 or equivalent is required. Consult with the ALP Visiting Student Advisor if you are in doubt as to whether your English level is sufficient
  • A complete transcript of college/university coursework in English

Program Fees

Visiting Student Program (VSP)

Application Fee

$100 one-time application fee & each time deferring or changing program

Registration Fee/Quarter


Course Fees

Undergraduate level courses (#1000-3999) $304/unit

Graduate level courses (#5000-6999) $339/unit

Total Fees/Quarter

Minimum $3,898 (12 units undergraduate level courses)

* VSP students are required to take minimum 12 units/quarter to maintain their full-time student status.

* Credit Transfer: A maximum of 36 Open University quarter units can be transferred to an undergraduate degree program or 13 maximum units towards a graduate degree program, subject to approval by the academic department that runs the program.

* Students who drop a class or who are dropped for non-payment during the DROP period are entitled to a 100% refund of tuition paid for that class less a $15 processing fee. Students who withdraw after the DROP date but on or before the twenty-first instructional day in an academic quarter are entitled to a 65% refund of tuition. No refund will be given for withdrawals after twenty-two calendar days.

Contact Us

For further information please contact Miguel Silva, Program Coordinator, at

Program Dates

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Last Updated 5/13/13