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Electronic Device (Not Implemented)

Implementation of the portion of the A2E2 Fee dedicated to purchase of an electronic device will be recommended by the A2E2 Advisory Committee.  The requirement of an electronic device to function as an e-reader and/or computer could be required of all first-time freshmen students or of all students.  The electronic device fee would be a one-time fee for an electronic tool that students would be required to maintain and use throughout their college careers at CSU East Bay to read electronic textbooks and perform other classroom-related activities.  The fee would be structured to be less expensive than if students purchased the identical items on their own.  As a student tool that would be uniform across our student body, it would open the door for greater access to teaching, learning and support systems for our students.  This roll-out plan would be re-evaluated annually by the A2E2 Advisory Committee to determine the educational value of each component and any modifications to the plan that were warranted.  This portion of the A2E2 Fee is not being implemented at this time.
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