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Electronic Text Rentals (Not Implemented)

A CSU study of students’ textbook use found that up to 30% of students do not purchase textbooks, whether for financial or other reasons.  This lack of access to required learning materials by a significant portion of our students hinders learning and impairs student success.  If the majority of required learning materials can be provided to students electronically for a single flat fee, than all students will have equal access the learning materials therefore enhancing the academic environment and creating an opportunity for increased student success.  Ultimately, the plan is that students may be charged a flat fee for access to e-textbooks and other electronic learning materials that are required by the faculty.  The goal is to achieve a minimum of 80% adoption rate of e-textbooks and/or open source textbooks and other course materials for all courses offered at CSUEB.

As part of a pilot program, during academic year 2015-16 all freshman will be provided with an e-textbook for use in General Studies 1011, 1012 and 1013.  This pilot program will be evaluated and monitored by the Office of General Education and the A2E2 Advisory Committee.  Students will be requested to provide feedback on their experiences utilizing the texts.  All findings and recommendations will inform any decision to adopt an e-textbook fee in the future. Costs associated with the pilot program will be covered by a portion of the existing A2E2 fee. 

The actual fee and timing of implementation of the fee students will pay toward e-textbooks, if adopted, will proceed according to an implementation plan which will be developed and monitored by the A2E2 Advisory Committee. Implementation of the Electronic Text and Rental Services of the A2E2 Fee will not occur without thorough investigation and recommendation by the A2E2 Advisory Committee. This portion of the A2E2 Fee is not implemented at this time.

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