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Academic Disqualification

Workshop Information

If you were academically disqualified from CSUEB at the end of last quarter, please attend a workshop sponsored by Academic Advising and Career Education (AACE). The workshop will cover: What is academic disqualification? How to gain reinstatement? As well as provide time for general questions and answers. 

Pre-registration is required. To register and check for upcoming workshop dates, please login to PioneerJobs or call AACE at 510-885-3621.

If you were not able to attend a workshop, please visit Reinstatement and Readmission for more information and to schedule an appointment with Amie Willett, Evaluations Petition/Appeals Coordinator.

Checklist for Reinstatement (.pdf)

Students who have been academically disqualified must complete the necessary steps to be reinstated and readmitted to the university. Download and print the Checklist for Reinstatement to stay on track and refer to as a guide. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Academic Disqualification indicates: 

  1. Your Grade Point Average (GPA) is below the established limits for your class level.
  2. You may NOT register for or attend classes at CSUEB as a regularly enrolled student.

Improve your Grade Point Average (GPA) to at least 2.0 by repeating courses for Grade Forgiveness through Open University at CSUEB or at another institution. The best strategy is to earn a minimum 2.5 GPA in repeated courses and to meet with a readmission advisor for additional personalized strategies.

Grade Forgiveness is: “The process that a matriculated (regularly enrolled) student seeking a Bachelor’s degree follows, under limited circumstances, to remove the punitive effect of past academic failures.” –Executive Order 1037.

Under this policy students may repeat courses wherein they received grades of C- or below; including IC or WU (which are calculation in thee GPA is equivalent to F). If a higher grade is earned, the earlier attempt(s) will be ignored in the GPA calculation but not removed from the record. Students are limited to 24 units of Grade Forgiveness.

If you experienced a medical or family emergency, for which you can provide 3rd party documentation, you may be able to appeal your DQ status. Meet with a readmission advisor for more information.

You are encouraged to work with your professors to complete the assignments in order to receive your final grades. Each faculty member must submit a “Change of Grade” form to the Records office. Your GPA will improve if grades of C+ or better are earned. However, for more information about being reinstated email the Re-Admission Counselor to schedule an appointment at

Through the CSUEB Open University webpage, click on “Enrollment” and submit an online application. Pay close attention to the enrollment process guidelines and Important Dates.

You may repeat Lower Division courses (1000-2000 level) through Open University or with equivalent courses at a community college, but check equivalency with an advisor and by researching Assist. Upon completion of the repeated courses, request a copy of your official transcripts with work completed and hand-carry to the first floor of the Student Services and Administration Building in a sealed envelope with your petition for Grade Forgiveness.

You may repeat Upper Division courses (3000-4000 level) through Open University or at another CSU. For another CSU, you must obtain documented approval of the equivalency for Grade Forgiveness with the appropriate CSUEB academic department – along with a petition for Grade Forgiveness.

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