Academic Program Design and Assessment to Support Semester Conversion: A Guide for Faculty

How this guide will help your program with semester conversion

How does this guide support semester conversion?

The purpose of this guide is to provide academic programs with information and resources to support the start of their program design work for semester conversion and transformation.  This includes providing program descriptions, program learning outcome statements, curriculum maps, and assessment plans. The guide was developed by Academic Programs and Graduate Studies, the Office of Semester Conversion, and the Faculty Development Semester Conversion Subcommittee.  Definitions, examples, templates, and links are included, along with guidelines to clarify the conversion process from a faculty perspective. This is a unique opportunity to make meaningful changes to curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

How should academic programs proceed?

  • Begin by reviewing the Key Program Design Considerations section.
  • Next, complete Steps 1-3. This guide primarily supports the start of your conversion/transformation with guidelines and templates for:
    • Program description and revised PLO statements
    •  Curriculum Map #1: PLOs aligned to required and elective courses
    • Curriculum Map #2: PLOs aligned to ILOs
    • Five Year Assessment
    • Finally, complete the paperwork in the checklist below. There is also a Step-By-Step Curriculum Conversion Checklist in Appendix 3, and a Department and College Curriculum Committees Checklist in Appendix 4.      

What curriculum revision is required?

Program Revision Materials (via Curriculog) These forms are available on the APGS Learning & Assessment webpage.

  • New Course Requests for all courses (all quarter-based courses will automatically be discontinued)
  • Program Modification Requests (Concentrations – formerly named “options” -  will be included in the Program Modification Requests, with indication of whether the concentration is new or revised)
  • Minor Revision Requests
  • Certificate, Credential, or Subject Matter Preparation Program Form

Program Design Packet: These templates are available now.

  • Program description and revised PLO statements (conversion-only programs are not required to revise PLOs but may wish to do so)
  • Curriculum Map #1: PLOs aligned to required and elective courses
  • Curriculum Map #2: PLOs aligned to ILOs
  • Five Year Assessment Plan

What additional deliverables are required for “transformation?”

  • New or revised PLOs
  • New or revised curriculum maps
  • New or revised assessment plan
  • Detailed syllabi for transformed courses
  • New or revised roadmap: including GE, pre-requisite, required, and elective courses

What is the current policy for required approvals?

Once your program structure and requirements have been finalized and all course development is complete, the next step is to begin the curriculum approval process.  Detailed information about this process will be available in the Curricular Procedures Manual (under revision).  The number and type of forms required will depend on the extent of the changes being proposed, and the order of the approval may vary depending on your College and the type of curriculum change being requested. Consult your College Curriculum Coordinator for the proper routing in your College. This sequence is fairly typical:

  • Department Chair review and approval
  • College Dean/Associate Dean approval
  • College Curriculum Committee approval
  • University-wide review
  • Forward to APGS for determination if significant change. If yes, go to next step.
  • Submit to Senate committees as appropriate

Where can I get help?

What are some additional resources?

Semester Conversion Website

Academic Senate Course Numbering Policy

Academic Senate GE Framework

Curricular Review Process Policy

Pre-requisite/Co-requisite Policy

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