M.S. in Accountancy

Student Learning Outcomes

Students who graduate with a M.S. in Accountancy will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the required knowledge of U.S. and international financial reporting standards, government and not-for-profit accounting standards, U.S. and international auditing standards, corporate tax, and ethics and regulations.
  • Think critically and apply quantitative reasoning skills to analyze financial reports, perform risk analysis, construct business valuation models using spreadsheets and statistical analyses, and assess the internal control functions and perform attestation tasks.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of up-to-date government laws and regulations and the code of conduct and ethics for professional accountants, detect and analyze situations that might be unethical or a violation of professional standards, and will demonstrate a solid defense of a reasonable solution to an ethical issue and communicate a concise and articulate recommendation.
  • Apply written communication skills to produce professional accounting reports and demonstrate the ability to prepare and deliver a well-organized, informative and persuasive oral presentation within a professional context.
  • Apply professional collaboration skills in working with individuals and in groups.
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