M.A. in English

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Program Accomplishments
  • Publication of Arroyo Literary Review, an award-winning national magazine with a West Coast orientation that is produced annually by our students and alumni, reflects the creative diversity found in the San Francisco Bay Area literary scene, and brings together material from an international array of poets, writers, and artists (web-link: http://www.arroyoliteraryreview.com/);
  • Organizing and hosting Distinguished Writers Series, a program that recognizes and presents nationally and locally well-known writers and poets;
  • Professor Eileen Barrett won CSUEB’s 2014 George and Miriam Philips Outstanding Professor Award, which honors a faculty member for teaching, research and service to the University.  She also received CSUEB’s Sue Schaefer Award in 2013 for her superior service to the University and for being an exemplary faculty member in all areas;
  • Professor Stephen Gutierrez won a 2010 American Book Award from the Before Columbus Foundation for his collection of short stories, “Live from Fresno y Los”.  He was also honored with CSUEB’s 2010-2011 George and Miriam Philips Outstanding Professor Award;
  • Professor Debra Barrett-Graves won the Robert A. Miller Memorial Award for her article on “Edmund Spenser's Use of the Poison-Tipped Tongue in The Faerie Queene”;
  • Professor Sarah Nielsen received a PEIL grant (2012-2013) to assist science faculty in embedding critical reading and writing strategies in undergraduate science classes, and also a CSU Chancellor’s Office grant (2013-2014) to assist biology faculty in increasing pass rates in introductory biology class;
  • Professor Ke Zou gave the keynote speech at the 2013 annual meeting of the College English Teaching Association of the Seven Chinese Provinces and City, including the provinces of Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi, Guizhou, Hainan and Yunnan, and the city of Chongqing.
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