B.A. in Ethnic Studies

The Department of Ethnic Studies is central to the university's commitment "to educational excellence for a diverse society." It offers a major, minors, and courses that are interdisciplinary in nature and provide a holistic approach to the study of the United States' multiracial, multicultural, and multigender immigrant society. The department's faculty provide areas of study that integrate social science and literary theory, as well as anthropological and sociological concepts within a historical and humanistic perspective. The underlying goal of Ethnic Studies is to provide a better understanding of diversity in American culture and thought.

Program Assessment Tools
Program Review Reflections and Results
Program Accomplishments
  • sponsored two outstanding speakers in May 2014: Melina Abdullah and Winona LaDuke
  • administered the Que-Andrada student scholarship for an outstanding Filipino student
  • created the Ethnic Studies Knowledge Base, a glossary of terms and definitions unique to the discipline of Ethnic Studies, available to students via Blackboard
  • planned and implemented Indigienous Peoples Month activities, workshops, and speakers in November 2013
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