B.A. in French

Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating with a B.A. in French from Cal State East Bay will:

  • be able to express themselves with sufficient accuracy and clarity to carry on conversations in French with native speakers and to give oral presentations appropriate to the undergraduate level;
  • be able to express themselves in the written language with a fair amount of sophistication, integrating research information into written assignments while giving adequate credit to the sources of information used;
  • be familiar with the major writers, periods, and genres of (a) French literature (France and other French speaking regions throughout the world: Africa, The Caribbean, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland); students should be able to relate the works and genres to the socio-historical context in which they developed;
  • demonstrate that they have acquired knowledge of the cultural diversity of literatures in the French speaking world while developing an appreciation of the French cultural contributions to the body of international culture: literature, art, music, cinema, history, etc.

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