B.A. in Human Development

Human Development is an interdisciplinary program that integrates theory and methodology from disciplines such as anthropology, biology, linguistics, psychology, and sociology. The program explores the processes and mechanisms underlying developmental change and stability across the lifespan and the socio-cultural and historical contexts in which development takes place.

The Program's curriculum aims to develop in students a basic understanding of major research findings and core concepts in human development, the ability to analyze and evaluate theoretical and practical issues in the field, and the skills to apply learning to diverse communities outside the University. The Program strives to create an optimal learning community that values and fosters collaborative learning and dialogue between and among students and faculty from diverse backgrounds.

Program Assessment Tools
Program Review Reflections and Results
Program Accomplishments
  • The HDEV/WOST Early Childhood Grant was a three-year grant totaling $137,000 for 2011-2014.  The cohort started as 20 students, with 3 students chancging their major in the first quarter.  The 17 remaining students all completed their degree by Winter 2014.  By Fall 2013, five of the students were enrolled in the MS  Early Childhood Education Program.
  • The Department has been asked to administer the $70,000 endowed Sheila McHugh Scholarship.  Mrs. Jeanne McHugh, who named the scholarship after her deceased daughter alumna Sheila McHugh, established the Sheila McHugh Scholarship Fund in 2003.  Sheila passed away in 2002. 
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