B.A. in History

Students who pursue work in History benefit in a variety of ways. Their studies afford them entree to the riches of the recorded past and understanding of the process of historical change. At the same time, a History major enables them to develop critical reading and writing skills which are valuable in life and in any employment field they choose to enter.

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Program Accomplishments

In 2013-2014 the department received two grants from the Chancellor's Promising Course Redesign initiative, to work on revamping lower division history courses required for all students.  One group worked on the US History Survey, using team-based learning as a way to restructure the course and re-engage students. A second group moved the World Civilizations sequence online, using digital history tools and team-based learning to re-energized this lower division humanities requirement.

The US Survey group, led by Dr. Bridget Ford, was awarded an additional Chancellor's Grant for Proven Course Redesign to continue its work in 2014-15.

In 2013-2014 the History Department built and opened a Digital History Lab to bolster our commitment to training students with technological skills while learning history.  We also hired a tenure-track Digital Historian, Dr. Kevin Kaatz, to lead these efforts beginning 2014.

As part of the department's commitment to providing practical skills courses to majors and MA candidates for the job market, the department introduced a course on the Teaching of History to directly address those majors and MA candidates interesting in pursuing a career in teaching history whether at the high school or junior college level. 

The Public History Program continued to developed projects that both build practical skills and engage with the local community.  In partnership with California College of the Arts, 18 majors provided research for the background to a mural dedicated to the history of the City of Oakland, now up in downtown Oakland.  An MA candidate built a website to provide background information to onlookers, and an on-site tool where mural viewers can watch 2 minutes videos explaining the inspiration behind the six murals on display.

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