B.A. in International Studies

The International Studies major consists of an integrated group of courses reflecting international aspects of various disciplines. It is designed to provide the student with a broad base of understanding of the interrelationship of the world community, while at the same time providing the opportunity to specialize in an area of interest. A minor in International Studies is also offered.

Program Assessment Tools
Program Review Reflections and Results
Program Accomplishments

Highly successful recent graduates (last three years):  two recruitments to U.S. foreign affairs agencies; aid management director, Afghan Ministry of Finance; program evaluator, Institute of International Education; field work and evaluation at Millennium Villages Project, Bonsaaso, Ghana; Peace Corps volunteer, Costa Rica; Research Consultant on Tajik Diaspora for the International Organization for Migration; American universities placement officer, Sakae Institute of Study Abroad, Tokyo; NGO village infrastructure project, El Salvador; faith-based placement service for Russian orphans.

Universal experiential learning (last three years):  A few high-profile international internships (United Nations Development Program, International Labor Organization, International Organization for Migration); an extensive network of Bay Area internships in the following fields:  international education, diaspora cultural promotion, refugee relocation and rights, export-import services, fair trade, trade promotion, peace and justice, sustainable food, environmental rights, micro finance and development, among others.

High participation in study abroad (25% over last three years):  Madagascar, Mexico, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Korea, India, China, Japan, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, including students who did field research for their capstone papers on sustainable tourism while in India, on the Tajik diaspora while in Russia and Tajikistan, and on the Northern Ireland Peace Process while in Ireland.

Comprehensive individual academic and career advising (over last ten years):  one-half hour entry interview for all majors to establish personal academic and career goals and to determine need for skill remediation; periodic updates during regular advising and course selection; institutionalized feedback to advisors from  core-course instructors; use of senior exit survey for effectiveness and assessment purposes.

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