B.A. in Philosophy

The Department of Philosophy at Cal State East Bay seeks to promote the exploration of enduring human concerns--concerns, for example, about the nature of knowledge, ethics, truth, and God. In addition to emphasizing classical philosophy, the department encourages students to think critically about contemporary debates, particularly in the areas of law, human rights, and social justice; science, technology, and values; and religion. The department's faculty strive to instill in students lifelong habits of questioning, of exploring views contrary to their own, and of engaging in reasoned and honest dialogue. By their focus on analysis, comprehension and communication, they aim to develop qualities that are essential to personal fulfillment, civic responsibility, and career success.

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Program Accomplishments

Following are a number of accomplishments of the Philosophy Department during the 2013-14 academic year:

  • Publication of double-issue of Reflection, the undergraduate philosophy students' journal
  • Awarded the annual Bassen Prize ($1000) for the best student essay in philosophy
  • Hosted 2 invited speakers, one from Chabot College and the other from the University of Victoria, Canada
  • Saw faculty receive 2 awards: Moreman (Outstanding Researcher, Tenured); Gorton (Distinguished Honors Faculty)
  • Invited to contribute to an edited collection on the value of studying philosophy. Three dept members (Moreman, Gorton, Blair) co-authored the piece. Publication is forthcoming.
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