B.A. and B.S. in Biological Science

Biology is concerned with living matter in all its forms, responses, and interactions. It deals with the study of anything that has been or is alive: microbes, all plants, and all animals, including humans.  The science of biology includes a large number of highly integrated sub-disciplines such as microbiology, genetics, ecology, evolution, physiology, systematics, and behavior.  Biologists must draw upon a wide variety of academic disciplines to make observations and draw conclusions, and well-trained biologists have solid backgrounds in chemistry, mathematics, computer science, statistics, physics, and the humanities, as required by graduate programs and professional schools,  to meet the demands of professions in the life sciences. 

Program Assessment Tools
Program Review Reflections and Results
Program Accomplishments
  • Two new faculty members have recently joined the department, Dr. Tyler Evans, who studies physiological constraints on the potential effects of global warming, and Dr. Brian Perry, who is a world-expert on the fungi of Hawaii.  They bring new and unique research experiences to our students and we welcome them.
  • Our faculty members maintain student-centered research labs, to include journal publication with student co-authors.  Our 14 faculty members published 15 journal articles and generated 25 conference presentations and abstracts in the 2012-13 academic year.
  • In the last five years our faculty members have received significant grant support from funding agencies, to include:
    • Four NIH Minority Biomedical Research Grants
    • Two NSF grants
    • A $250,000 award from the Keck Foundation for a confocal microscope and training of students in its use
    • USDA
    • San Francisco Bay Wildlife
    • Cal State systemwide grants in biotechnology (CSUPERB) and marine biology (COAST)
    • Numerous CSUEB RSCA small research grant awards
    • Numerous awards to develop new pedagogical approaches and to assess student learning
  •  Our faculty members provide service to other academic institutions and professional organizations, to include:
    • NIH Grant review panelists
    • NSF Grant review panelists
    • Editorial Board Member, J. Comp. Phys. B
    • Editorial Board Member, Symbiosis
    • Organizer, Bay Area Worm Meetings
    • Invited departmental seminars
    • Invited peer review of journal manuscripts submitted for publication
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