B.A. and B.S. in Psychology 

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Program Accomplishments
  • Our tenure-track faculty are committed to scholarly activity and the critical role it plays in keeping the classroom learning environment current. Our tenure-track faculty have generated 27 papers in peer-reviewed journals, 3 books, and 64 presentations at professional conferences over the past five years.
  • Many of our students are involved in faculty research often resulting in presentations at professional meetings and even peer-reviewed publications for the students.  Approximately 20 students are involved as research assistants in this capacity at any given time. In addition, our faculty supervise student-initiated research. Finally, roughly 170 students are involved in faculty-supervised research projects through laboratory classwork each quarter.
  • Our faculty have been successful in securing funding for their scholarship, including external funds (two Interdisciplinary Research Awards, of $4000 and $6,800, respectively and a $2500 grant from Lockheed) as well as internal grants (10 RSCA grants awarded during the period under review).  Additionally, two of our faculty members have grant proposals under review (i.e., $166,805 to the National Science Foundation and $266,216 to the National Institutes of Health). Some faculty serve their professional communities by consulting with regional school districts (Hayward; Castro Valley).
  • Our faculty assume leadership roles in their professional communities, including being named Fellows (American Psychological Association, Acoustic Society of America) and chairing conference program committees (American Psychological Association, Western Psychological Association). Our faculty serve as peer-reviewers for top-tier journals, and/or as grant reviewers. They have been invited to speak at many professional meetings, including state-wide (UC Merced), national (Jean Piaget Society) and international (World Conference on Personality, South Africa) venues. Additionally, they are sought out as experts by news media.
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