B.S. in Computer Science

Programs in Computer Science at Cal State East Bay are designed to prepare students for employment or for advanced study in computer science. The student's course of study will provide a solid foundation of theoretical knowledge as well as experience with practical applications in hardware and software.

Computer Science is the study of computation and of methods for addressing, processing, storing, and transmitting information. It encompasses a broad perspective that includes what a computer is, its uses and applications, and theoretical approaches to what can be computed. The core curriculum in Computer Science, involving a blend of theory and practice, offers opportunities for problem solving in many areas and provides experience with a variety of computers, computer languages, and software packages. A typical student's experience can include scientific programming, language design and implementation, file handling and database design, data communication and networking, artificial intelligence, hardware design, and graphic implementations ranging from interface design to artistic presentations.

A strong mathematical background is important in Computer Science. High school students who are interested in computer science should take as much mathematics as possible, particularly algebra, trigonometry, and precalculus. Community college students who are planning to transfer to Cal State East Bay should take a two-course calculus sequence, linear algebra, discrete structures, a sequence of courses in some programming language (such as C, C++, Java), and a course in computer organization and assembly language.

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