B.S. in Statistics

Statistics is the study of designing experiments and surveys, and evaluating the collected data. This rapidly growing science is widely used to make predictions about future events based on patterns observed in the past and to draw accurate inferences about large groups on the basis of a representative sample from the group. Economic forecasts and public opinion polls are examples of these kinds of statistical methods.

The methodology of statistics can be adapted to many types of problems. Due to the extensive development of computers and the collection of large databases, the need for statistical techniques has greatly expanded in the past few decades. A society like ours, which has become increasingly dependent on its data, has a growing need for statisticians.

Program Assessment Tools
Program Review Reflections and Results
Program Accomplishments
  • Many students admitted to PhD programs since 2010: UC Stanta Cruz, Purdue, UT Austin, Oregon State, Kansas State, University of Alabama, Virginia Tech, UC Davis, University of Souther California, UC Berkeley, University of North Carolina.
  • Two students have been selected to attend the SAS Global Form as SAS Student Ambassadors.  All expenses paid to attend the SAS Global Form.  2011, 2014
  • Our internship collaborations with Kaiser Permanente Oakland Internship program has continued. Many students from our Department have been selected for this highly selective paid internships.
  • Our Department has supported the university faculty and administrators though consulting services offered by the Office of Research, since 2012.  The consulting has include some student participation.
  • A faculty member served as Academic Senate Chair two two years 2012-2013, 2013-2014
  • A faculty member has been selected as an Associate Editor for the American Statistician. This is one of the most commonly read journals in the field.
  • The Department has awarded 5 scholarship to students ($500 to $1000) in the Department every year for the last 5 years and 4 scholarships each year from the 10 years prior.
  • Two faculty members have served as officers for the Bay Area Chapter of the American Statistical Association.  Numerous Chapter events have been held on campus during this time and students have been in attendance.
  • Faculty have been involved in numerous publications.
  • The Department has hosted Orientations session in the Fall each year for the last 10 years. Two incoming student orientations each year and one returning student orientation.
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