M.S. in Computer Science

The Mathematics and Computer Science Department offers graduate study leading to the degree of Master of Science in Computer Science. This program is designed to extend the student's knowledge in a broad manner beyond the baccalaureate degree major in Computer Science. It will both (1) deepen general understanding of theoretical principles and (2) provide specific professional background. This approach is especially important in Computer Science, where training in specific languages and systems and on specific machines is transitory, as these languages, systems, and machines evolve. In contrast, many of the principles will last and generally apply to a wide variety of specializations within the field. This breadth is important to individual students because many of them will have a number of different job classifications in their working lives.

Our program features small classes that allow for close contact between students and faculty. Most graduate classes are offered in the late afternoon or early evening, making it possible for working students to attend. Some courses toward the M.S. degree may also be taken during the summer quarter. Students may begin their studies in any one of the four quarters.

Students interested in the M.S. degree program in Computer Science should speak with the Computer Science Graduate Coordinator. The Math and Computer Science Department also offers a Master of Science degree program in Computer Networks.

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