M.S. in Statistics

The Department of Statistics and Biostatistics offers graduate study leading to the degree Master of Science in Biostatistics. The program is designed to serve the needs of students with varying backgrounds in Statistics, Biological Sciences, Public Health, Computer Science, Mathematics and other sciences. The program includes curriculum designed to prepare students to work in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. All students are expected to master a wide variety of applied statistical and probabilistic techniques and the theoretical foundations on which these techniques rest. They are expected to be familiar with recent developments and to be able to use the statistical literature to learn new techniques and theories throughout their professional careers. In addition to the general requirements stated elsewhere in this catalog, a student must satisfy the departmental requirements stated in the following paragraphs.

Program Assessment Tools
Program Review Reflections and Results
Program Accomplishments
  • The MS Statistics program was rated in the top 10 programs on campus by colleagues as part of the 2014 Planning for Distinction Process.
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