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Assessment Plan

Two-credit Information Literacy Course (LIBY 1210/1551 for all first year students)

The long-standing pre-post test (administered since 1998, with revisions to the test) will continue to be administered in all sections, primarily online, although there are a couple of sections where the test is still administered in print form.  Begun in 1998, the course has conducted pre- and post-testing since its inception.  The last review and revision of the questions took place in 2011-2012.  This twenty-question test assigns four questions to each of the five course SLOs.  A regular review of the test and the questions will be conducted every five years or sooner, if circumstances warrant.

In addition, each year, one SLO will be assessed through the “reflective essay” assignment administered in all sections of the course.  All SLOs will complete cycle 1 of the assessment process in a five years cycle that includes the following steps:

a)     At the end of each term, the Library Instruction Committee members will norm and assess a random anonymous sample of papers taken from all sections.

b)     In summer, all library faculty will meet to examine the data and determine

  1. If the rubric requires revision
  2. What changes can be made to improve the teaching of that SLO

Staring in fall 2014-2015, the assessment process will be moved into Blackboard Outcomes in order to enable the data to be included in the large process of Institutional Learning Objectives assessment.

This cycle will match the five-year evaluation cycle of the Committee on Academic Planning and Review.

Course-related Instruction

The Instructional group of the libraries’ Strategic Planning/Visioning process has been examining ways to assess course-related instruction, usually conducted as one- or two-time sessions.  Each library faculty liaison handles his/her own assessment currently and it varies from person to person and discipline to discipline. 

Embedded instruction is assessed as part of the individual disciplines in which information literacy is a part.

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