University Libraries

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Determine the extent of information needed (figure out what information is needed for assignment, able to scope research question, and identify possible information sources)

2. Access the needed information (figure out your searching strategy, use sources such as databases, library catalog, and open web effectively to find information relevant to your assignment)

3. Evaluate information and its sources critically (thoroughly evaluate sources found, consider biases, and context of information)

4. Use  information effectively to accomplish a specific purpose (synthesize and communicate research found with clarity in a way that is appropriate for assignment)

5. Access and Use Information Ethically and Legally and Understands that there are ethical, legal, and socio-economic issues surrounding information and information technology (Correctly uses citations, quotes, paraphrases; understands copyright and fair use; understands ethical, legal, and socio-economic issues surrounding use of information)

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