Graduation Initiative

CSUEB Funded Graduation Initiative Proposals
  • Block Scheduling for the 2011 Freshman Learning Communities
  • College Source Transfer Evaluation System
  • Annual Schedules, Degree Road Maps, & Self-service Advising for All Colleges/All Departments
  • Online General Education Advising Modules: A Virtual Advising Center for GE
  • MyCSUEB Refinements to Improve Self-service
  • iStrategy Software to Create a Student Enrollment Data Warehouse
  • Entry Level Mathematices (ELM) Preparation Online
  • Redesign of the Basic Writing Curriculum
  • Writing Skills Test (WST) Intervention
  • Success Groups for Challenging Courses
  • Online Tutoring
  • Enhancing Lecture Capture (East Bay Replay) Capabilities
  • Making Textbooks Available for All Students

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