Realistic - R (Doers)

  • Like to work with their hands and focus on things in the physical world & use physical skills.
  • Like to repair and work with tools, machines, or animals; outdoor work is often preferred.
  • Prefer problems that are concrete rather than abstract; want practical solutions that can be acted out.
  • Characteristics include stable, assertive, physical strength, practical.

Investigative - I (Thinkers)

  • Tend to focus on ideas. Like to collect and analyze data and information of all kinds.
  • Curious and tend to be creative and original.
  • Task oriented and motivated by analyzing and researching.
  • Tend to prefer loosely structured situations with minimal rules or regulations.
  • Prefer to think through rather than act out problems.
  • Characteristics include reserved, independent, analytical, logical.

Artistic - A (Creators)

  • Creative and tend to focus on self-expression through all kinds of mediums: materials, music and words, as well as systems and programs.
  • Able to see possibilities in various settings and are not afraid to experiment with their ideas.
  • Like variety and tend to feel cramped in structured situations.
  • Deal with problems in intuitive, expressive, and independent ways. Tend to be adverse to rules.
  • Characteristics include intuitive, creative, expressive, unconventional.

Social - S (Helpers)

  • Concerned with people and their welfare.
  • Tend to have well developed communications skills and like to help, encourage, counsel, guide, train, or facilitate others.
  • Enjoy working with groups or individuals, using empathy and an ability to identify and solve problems. Value cooperation and consensus.
  • Deal with problems through feelings. Flexible approach to problems.
  • Characteristics include humanistic, verbal, interpersonal, responsible.

Enterprising - E (Persuaders)

  • Work with and through people, providing leadership and delegating responsibilities for organizational and/or financial gain. Goal-oriented and want to see results.
  • Tend to function with a high degree of energy.
  • Prefer business settings, and often want social events to have a purpose beyond socializing.
  • Attack problems with leadership skills. Decision-Maker.
  • Characteristics include persuasive, confident, demonstrate leadership, interest in power/status.

Conventional - C (Organizers)

  • Like to pay a lot of attention to detail and organization, and prefer to work with data, particularly in the numerical, statistical, and record-keeping realm.
  • Have a high sense of responsibility, follow the rules, and want to know precisely what is expected.
  • Prefer clearly defined, practical problems and to solve problems by applying rules. Oriented to carrying out tasks initiated by others.
  • Characteristics include conscientious, efficient, concern for rules and regulation, orderly.
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