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Academic and Career Advising 

Designed for your success

Program SSOS provides customized, one-on-one academic advising to help you create an educational plan to meet your goals and objectives. Some of the services provided by academic advising include:

  • Guidance for fulfilling your General Education (GE) and graduation requirements (other than major requirements)
  • Assistance with developing educational goals and plans
  • Helping you understand academic policies and procedures
  • Support for choosing and pursuing your major subject
  • Providing referrals to the resources and services available on campus

 If you are experiencing academic difficulties or are placed on academic probation, you can receive special academic counseling to get you back on track.

photot of ssos eventCustomized to your needs

Features of the program that are unique to you may include:

  • Selecting instructors and courses that best match your learning style and goals
  • Creating a realistic class schedule that may increase your success
  • Ensuring your class selections meet your academic and career goals
  • Advising and tutoring support for required classes in your major
  • Supportive community network of students, faculty and staff

To make an appointment for academic advising, contact Program SSOS at


Phone: (510) 885-SSOS (7767)

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