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I Perfect 10 Awards

Program SSOS invites qualified students to join the I Perfect 10 Awards program to encourage you to complete ten steps toward your success. In this point-award program, students can become eligible to receive cash awards from Program SSOS by participating in required services and activities.

The I Perfect 10 Award points can be accumulated from:

  • Receive SSOS mentorship
  • Receive SCAA-SSOS academic tutoring
  • Apply for APIFSA-SSOS Scholarship
  • Submit U-story, artwork, or performance video clips to SSOS web site
  • Meet with university academic Support counselors and advisors
  • Participate SSOS cultural activities
  • Participate SSOS workshops and lectures
  • Join ASI recognized and SSOS sponsored student club
  • Provide assistance to SSOS event planning and implementation
  • Provide assistance to SSOS community outreach effors

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This part of Project SSOS is a voluntary award program with a data collection component. The project will collect data from individual students to compile a body of research to help AANAPISI students to succeed in college by providing a system for faculty and staff to support students in achieving their goals for graduation, cultural community activity, and to contribute to your professional career success. All data is securely gathered by Program SSOS and is provided voluntarily by students participating in the program.

To enroll in the I Perfect 10 Award program complete the following online form.

I Perfect 10 Award program application  (assigns PIN number on submit)

How to Earn Points and Win Awards

Every time a Project SSOS enrolled student completes an I Perfect 10 award item listed above, they will receive a point toward their award eligibility status. You must complete ten instances chosen from the list below to receive your participation points. In addition to the items listed above, the I Perfect 10 point award participation may also include the following

After students have earned and received ten eligible participation points, the I Perfect 10 Program award committee will give cash awards to those with I Perfect 10 status.

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