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SSOS Students

Receive SSOS Mentorship

SSOS students will receive help from SSOS Mentors – these are AAPI students who understand the challenges you may face and can help you get the most out of your education here. The SSOS Mentors know what it's like to be an AAPI student at CSUEB. Live CSUEB life to the fullest with SSOS big brothers and big sisters.

Receive Academic Tutoring

The academic success of SSOS participants is essential. SSOS high-quality, culturally sensitive, student tutors will provide additional, targeted academic support for students enrolled in the SSOS program. SSOS tutoring will be available one-on-one, subject-oriented, and at a convenient on-campus location. Participants will be provided with necessary tools and strategies to increase performance in identified subject areas and to succeed.

Win SSOS Scholarship & Award

We want all SSOS students to be successful and reach their goals! SSOS provides scholarships for outstanding SSOS students who do well in school and who wish to serve the AAPI communities when they graduate. SSOS also celebrate AAPI student's artistic talents and provide SSOS Showtime voting awards. SSOS participants are encouraged to post their U-stories, artworks, and performance clips on SSOS website for voting and to win.

Participate in SSOS Cultural Activities

SSOS students will have the opportunity to attend and directly participate in SSOS AAPI cultural activities. SSOS AAPI Cultural Activities include:

  • Fred Korematsu Day - Intergenerational Panel, January 31
  • Lunar New Year Celebration, February 8
  • Journey to Success: An Educational Summit for AAPI 1st Generation Students and Families, May 19
  • Asia In California – AAPI Faculty Learning Community Research and Lecture, May 24.
  • AAPI Graduation Gala, June 14
  • (upcoming) SSOS Open House: AAPI U-Story Showtime, Oct. 16
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