University-wide Activities and Programs

The function of the university-wide activities and programs (UAP) is to fund proposals that are not college-specific but whose intentions are to provide high impact student programs and services particularly specific, focused interventions, including innovative, hands-on, creative approaches that increase the retention and success of underrepresented students. 

UAP consists of two components; 1) student services; and 2) high impact programs. 

Examples of student services programs include peer mentors and tutors, e-tutoring, online advising services, expanded library hours and services, and programs for at-risk students (to increase retention and graduation rates).  

High impact programs are those that not only can contribute to increasing retention but also enhance career opportunities for students.  Examples of high impact programs include support for 1) research, creative activities and civic engagement efforts involving students; 2) establishment of and funding for an Academy for Graduate and Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities; 3) centers of excellence that involve both students and faculty; and 4) research assistantships and internships.

Proposals for UAP programs are considered by the A2E2 Subcommittee of SSAC (Student Success and Assessment Committee); membership includes faculty, students, administrators and staff) for review, ranking, and recommendations.  SSAC’s recommendations are then forwarded to the Provost for funding. 

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