Faculty AT Services


In 2006-2007 the Chancellors office created the Accessible Technology Initiative in response to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The CSU is now committed to making all course materials & technology used by students, faculty, staff and the public accessible. At the faculty level this translates into a commitment that all instructional course materials will be made accessible by Fall 2012.

See: http://www.calstate.edu/accessibility/

To gain a better understanding of what your students are experiencing; please take the time to view the “From Where I Sit” Video Series featuring 8 CSU students with disabilities who share their classroom experience. http://teachingcommons.cdl.edu/access/materials/videos.shtml

Course Material affected by this mandate includes:

  • Microsoft Word documents & PowerPoint presentations
  • PDF documents (self created or imported)
  • Online Lectures
  • Web Sites/Links
  • Hand outs/Articles
  • Textbooks
  • Course Readers
  • Slides/Videos/YouTube clips
  • Any published written text

To Assist you, Faculty AT Support Services provides:

  • Software for course material conversion to accessible format
  • Hardware to support alternative text such as:
    • Tactile Image Machine
    • Braille Printer
    • Large Print Accessible Photocopier
  • Faculty Workshops: Overview of Instructional Material Accessibility, Creating Accessible MS Word/PowerPoint, and PDF’s
  • Captioning services for video materials
  • One on One consultation
  • Self service pc’s equipped with Adaptive Technology authoring software tools for your use located at LI2800
  • Online Training Resources
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