AT Software for Faculty Use

pdf trznsformer

ABBYY PDF Transformer 2.0 – (Accessible PDF’s) assists you in editing and re-using information contained in PDF files. Avoid having to retype PDF documents and wishing you could edit them, say, in Microsoft Word. PDF Transformer is a quick and easy solution to making accessible course material that can be used by screen readers.

lec share pro

LecShare Pro – (Accessible Powerpoints) assists you in adding audio to Microsoft PowerPoint presentations to create QuickTime movies, MPEG-4 Video files (Video Podcasts), Accessible HTML, and Microsoft Word documents. Captions can also be added for access by hearing impaired users. In creating accessible PPTs/HTML files, it checks for and corrects the following - alternative text for images, table headers, chart data presented in tables, the order in which slide are presented (for screen readers), and proper slide titles.

pdf office 2

Recosoft’s PDF2Office Personal – (Accessible PDF’s MAC) PDF2Office Personal (for Macintosh computers) converts PDF documents into fully editable Microsoft Word format recreating the intended construction and layout of the document.

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