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Welcome students! We're pleased to have such a diverse group of students on campus and this includes students with disabilities. Our purpose at Accessibility Services is to ensure that you have equal opportunities and equivalent access to your education here at Cal State East Bay. We also provide resources and support as you work toward your academic goals.  

Click on the topics below for more information about our office, including registering with us, using accommodations, and student expectations. If you can't find the answers to your questions here, contact us or make an appointment to see your disability counselor.

Please check out a recent interview conducted with one of our own students, Lisa Nguyen.

Registering with Us and Using Our Services


Forms and Policies

Disability Awareness

Managing Stress

Managing Your Health

Academic and Study Skills

Rights and Responsibilities


Disability and the Law

Complaints & Appeals

Campus and Community Resources

Special Populations:

Veteran Students

Online Students

Department of Rehabilitation Clients

A special note about Advance Registration:  If you receive Advance Registration as an accommodation, please make sure to check with Planning, Enrollment Management and Student Affairs to ensure you're eligible to register for the upcoming quarter.

Please note: Accessibility Services students are required by law to take an active role in the determination and management of their accommodations. It's important to talk to your counselor if you have questions about or wish to change your accommodations. Accommodations cannot be retroactively applied. (If you fail a class because you needed accommodations beyond those documented in your Determination of Accommodations, the lack of these accommodations cannot excuse a grade.) Because of this, we encourage regular contact with your disability counselor. Check in about once a quarter if all goes smoothly. See us more often (and immediately) if any difficulties arise with your accommodations or if the nature or severity of your disability changes. We can't help you if we don't know a problem exists!

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