Faculty | Staff Responsibilities

  • Accept and support a student´s Accessibility Services-approved classroom accommodation
  • Accept and support Accessibility Services-approved accommodations in all other University activities such as sports, clubs, field placements, internships, and other student services
  • Respect the student´s right NOT to have either their accommodation or disability disclosed to others (classmates)
  • Treat the student with a disability equally and fairly (no retaliation & no bias)
  • Always support and afford a disability accessible environment

Student´s Responsibilities

  • In order to have a disability-related classroom auxiliary aide or service a student must be approved for that accommodation by Accessibility Services. If requested, a student must offer faculty evidence regarding their Accessibility Services' approval accommodation via their "Determination of Accommodations" form
  • A student must responsibly participate in the development and management of their Accessibility Services accommodations. This includes following the Accessibility Services administrative guidelines and timelines as well as active participation in their accommodations process. Accessibility Services-approved accommodations can be legally withdrawn if the student fails to meet either of these requirements

Accessibility Services' Responsibilities

  • On behalf of the University, to document, determine, provide and evaluate student disability accommodation needs
  • Answer both faculty and student questions or concerns about disability-related accommodations
  • Help to ensure the University community observes its legal obligations to provide required accommodations under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and related State of California statutes
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