Departmental Copying Information

Work-related copying in campus departments will now be done with The Bay Card. Department copy machines can only make work-related copies. Personal copying must be done with Bay Bucks on a public copier (like those in the library).

  1. All employees will be granted access to make copies using their personal Bay Card. Charges will be based on the employee’s department ID and EB001. For self-support entities (e.g. DCIE, Housing), the normal chartfield for operations will be used.
  2. Copying charges for all campus departments will be expensed on a month-end basis.
  3. Each department will be able to pick up a single Departmental Copy Card from Duplicating Services for general use by their department staff.  The Department Copy Card will be printed with the department name and the Dept ID on the front of the card. The individual picking up the card will be required to sign for it. The campus will be notified when these cards are availbale for pick up.
  4. Authorized department personnel will receive reports via email on a regular basis to monitor usage. If you haven’t done so already, provide the Bay Card Office with a list of your department staff members who should receive the emailed reports. 
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