Question: Does CSU East Bay have a mailing list/bidders list of contractors?

Answer: No, we encourage potential bidders to register on bidsync.com for bidding information.

State Advertising Site (www.bidsync.com)

Question: What is the bid threshold for construction projects

Answer:  $5,000.00 and above.

Question: When is advertising required for Public Works Projects?

Answer: On all projects exceeding $5000 Notice to Contractors is advertised on the Bidsync.com, projects over $30,000 are also advertised in the Daily Pacific Builder and all projects exceeding $100,000 are additionally advertised in local newspapers. 

Question: Do you require prequalification for each construction bid?

Answer: No, only major capital outlay bids over $600,000.00 require prequalification.

Question: How can I obtain a bid packet?

Answer:  All bid documents are located on bidsync.com

Question: What is your payment arrangement for construction contracts?

Answer: The University Accounts Payable Office normally pays an invoice within 30 days after receipt of an invoice approved by the Project Coordinator.

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