Open Enrollment for 2019

September 10, 2018 - October 5, 2018

This year the Open Enrollment period is from September 10th, through October 5th. The Annual Open Enrollment period provides an opportunity for employees to make changes to their health plans. It is your once-a-year opportunity to review new offerings and make additions, changes or deletions to your health plans for the coming year. 

During this time, you may add or delete dependents, change your health or dental plan, and enroll or cancel FlexCash.  If you are currently a Flexible Spending Account participant (HCRA/DCRA), you must re-enroll in the plan for next year as this plan requires an annual enrollment.  If you are not a current HCRA/DCRA participant, and wish to enroll, you may do so during Open Enrollment.  

In addition, open enrollment provides the opportunity to explore voluntary plan options, including enrollment in the Critical Illness plan (AFLAC), increase life insurance benefits (The Standard) or enroll in a Tax Shelter Annuity plan (403(b)/457/401k).  These plans do not have an official open enrollment period, however specific enrollment criteria and deadlines may apply.

For additional information, please review the Open Enrollment Guidebook for 2019. The Office of Human Resources Benefits staff will also be available to meet individually for questions and assistance.


  • 2019 Health Premium Rates: 2019 Health Premium Rates
  • Review all plan information regarding CSU Benefit plans and Open Enrollment.
  • Open Enrollment changes, such as health, dental and HCRA/DCRA are submitted through MyCSUEB. 
  • Voluntary benefit plan enrollments, such as AFLAC, MetLife Legal plan and The Standard, are processed through the specific provider’s website.
  • All changes made during Open Enrollment will be effective on January 1, 2019.
  • Carefully review your January 1, 2019 pay warrant to ensure your open enrollment changes are reflected.
  • Contact Human Resources regarding any discrepancies.
  • If you do not wish to make any changes to your benefits, or enroll/re-enroll in the HCRA/DCRA plan, during this Open Enrollment period, no action is required.

What’s New for 2019 Open Enrollment?

  • Health Net will no longer be offered in Sacramento in 2019. If you are enrolled in Health Net and reside in Sacramento, El Dorado, Placer and Yolo counties and do not make a change during Open Enrollment, you and your enrolled family members will be administratively moved to a comparable plan in your area.
  • PERS Select Basic PPO Plan has adopted a value-based insurance design:
    • The new PERS Select plan will change co-pays for primary care, specialists, and urgent care; award credits to reduce the annual deductible; eliminate hospital tiering, so you can access any hospital in your network at one coinsurance rate; eliminating coinsurance for inpatient delivery, after enrollment in the Healthy Moms program.
  • County Contractions
    • Blue Shield Access+ will exit eight (8) Bay Area Counties:  Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano, and Sonoma.  If you are enrolled in Blue Shield Access+ and live in one of the affected counties, you must choose a different health plan during Open Enrollment, or you and your covered dependents will be administratively moved to the Health Net SmartCare plan.

Healthcare Reimbursement Account:  NEW -The Health Care Reimbursement Account (HCRA) contribution has increased to $2,650 for 2019. The monthly maximum is $220.83.

CalPERS Medical Plan Information

Anthem HMO phone: 855-839-4524
2019 Anthem Blue Cross Select HMO Evidence of Coverage
2019 Anthem Blue Cross HMO Traditional Evidence of Coverage

Blue Shield HMO phone: 800-334-5847
Blue Shield Access+ (HMO)
2019 Blue Shield Access HMO Evidence of Coverage 

Health Net Smart Care HMO
Health Net Smart Care phone: 1-888-926-4921
2019 Health Net Smart Care Evidence of Coverage

Kaiser HMO: phone: 800-464-4000
2019 Kaiser Evidence of Coverage

PERSCare (PPO), PERSChoice (PPO) and PERS Select (PPO)[11] phone: 877-737-7776
(Anthem administers the PPO plans)
2019 PERS Choice Evidence of Coverage
2019 PERS Select Evidence of Coverage
2019 PERS Care Evidence of Coverage

UnitedHealth  phone: 877-359-3714
2019 United Health Care Evidence of Coverage

Western Health Advantage Phone: 888-942-7377
2019 Western Health Advantage Evidence of Coverage


There are no changes to the FlexCash plan for the 2019 plan year. The benefit levels for FlexCash remain $128.00 per month, in lieu of CSU medical coverage, and $12.00 per month in lieu of CSU dental coverage; $140.00 per month for medical and dental FlexCash.  FlexCash is a taxable benefit. Benefit eligible employees may enroll in FlexCash if they have other, non-CSU group coverage and decline CSU medical and dental coverage. For more information please refer to the FlexCash brochure.

FlexCash Brochure

Dental Plan Information

There are no changes to the CSU Dental plan for the 2019 plan year.

Dental Cards: If you are changing your dental plan during open enrollment, Delta Dental does not issue dental cards. DeltaCare USA should issue your dental card by January 1, 2019. If you have not received your dental card from Delta Care USA by January, please contact DeltaCare USA. For more information, please refer to your Dental evidence of coverage and benefit plan summary:

Vision Plan Information:

The CSU will continue to provide basic vision insurance automatically to eligible employees and their families at no cost to the employee. Effective January 1, 2018, employees have the option to purchase the VSP Premier Plan, an enhancement to the basic vision insurance plan. This plan offers a higher level of benefits for lenses, contacts and frames each calendar year. The VSP Benefits Summary​ provides information on the new VSP Premier Plan. To enroll, call VSP at 800-400-4569 or visit


Voluntary Plan Information

During open enrollment, employees may consider enrollment in one of the Voluntary benefit plans available to CSU employees.

IMPORTANT: Voluntary plan enrollments cannot be submitted through the MyCSUEB portal. Employees must log onto the voluntary plan website or call the plan directly to enroll.

Dependent Care Reimbursement

The DCRA plan offers participants the ability to pay for eligible out-of-pocket dependent care expenses with pre-tax dollars. The minimum monthly contribution for the Dependent Care Reimbursement Account (DCRA) is $20 per month ($240 annually), up to a maximum contribution amount of $416.66 per month ($5,000 annually).

For more information please refer to the HCRA/DCRA summary at:

Flexible Spending Visa Card for HCRA Enrollees

As a reminder, employees may enroll in the Flexible Spending Plan debit card (FSA Visa Card) for HCRA participants during Open Enrollment. Participation in the FSA Visa Card program is optional. The FSA Visa Card allows HCRA participants to pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses (i.e., health, dental, vision, etc.) in lieu of submitting claim forms to the plan administrator, ASI. To utilize the FSA Visa Card the Health Care Provider or retail location must be a participating provider.

The monthly administrative fee to enroll in the FSA Visa Card is $12 per year ($1 per month). The FSA Visa Card will be loaded with your yearly health care reimbursement enrollment amount and the yearly fee will be deducted from your annual enrollment amount for January 2019.  Employees should submit the application during open enrollment and receive their FSA Visa Card in December 2018. If you have not received your FSA Visa Card by January 2019, please call ASI at 800-659-3035.


There are no changes to the Tax Advantage Premium Plan (TAPP) for the 2019 plan year. The TAPP plan allows an employee's monthly health premium to be deducted from their pay check on a pre-tax basis. For those employees planning to remain in the TAPP plan, there is no action required on your part. For those employees who wish to opt out of TAPP participation, please contact Human Resources. An administrative fee, for .17 cents, is deducted from your pay check each month. For more information please refer to the TAPP summary. 

MetLaw® Legal Plan:

During open enrollment, employees may enroll in the MetLaw Legal plan. For a low monthly premium of $21.70, the MetLaw Legal Plan offered by Hyatt Legal Plans, Inc., provides representation for many personal legal services for employees and their eligible dependents.

AFLAC and The Standard Insurance

Aflac Critical Care Illness Insurance
AFLAC Critical Illness Plan
For more information or to enroll, please visit the AFLAC website at or call (800)433-3036.

The Standard Insurance - Voluntary Benefits

For information or to enroll, please visit The Standard website at or call (800)378-5745

California Casualty Auto and Home Insurance - California Casualty

The Auto and Home Insurance plan offered by California Casualty, allows CSU eligible employees obtain auto and home insurance policies at a discounted rate. Most employees are eligible. The plan also has an identity theft component knows as ID Defense. All policies are written for a 12-month period. Employees can enroll in this benefit at any time during employment. For rates and more information or to enroll, please visit the California Casualty website at or call (866) 680-5142.  Additional Resources:  For assistance with selecting a health plan, please utilize the CalPERS health plan chooser at: Choosing the Right Health Plan

For additional information on CalPERS health plans, please refer to the CalPERS open enrollment materials (mailed to all employees enrolled in a CalPERS health plan), or visit the CalPERS website at:

CalPERS Open Enrollment website:

CSU Open Enrollment Website

For additional information, please review the CSU Open Enrollment website

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