Risk Management & Internal Control

Vehicle Accident Reporting Procedure

CSUEB drivers must report all motor vehicle accidents involving university vehicles as well as personal vehicles or rental vehicles operating on official CSUEB business by following the procedures outlined below:

1. Determine whether immediate medical attention is needed for anyone involved in the accident.  Obtain necessary medical assistance.

2. Record all pertinent information before leaving the scene of the accident.  Use Std Form 269 Accident Information Card in your accident packet from the motor pool and share information with the other driver.  Do not admit any fault or make promises.

3. If a police authority is present, obtain a police report number if one is completed.

4. Report any accident to the Office of Risk and Insurance Management (ORIM) that involves any vehicle used for state business within 24 hours.  Under normal circumstances, complete and submit the form Std Form 270 Vehicle Accident Report to the motor pool supervisor and he/she will take care of submitting the report to ORIM and submitting copies to EH&S and Risk Management.  Your supervisor must complete and submit formStd Form 274, State Driver Accident Review.

5. Immediately report any bodily injury or significant property damage to ORIM by telephone at 916/376-5302 or fax to 916/376-5277.  Weekend voice mail messages can be left at 800/900-3634.

6. Make no comment to anyone except investigating police, your supervisor, CSUEB or other state officials, or an identified representative of the state’s insurance adjuster.

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