Risk Management & Internal Control

Vehicle Repair

University owned vehicles

The cost-effective repair to a damaged state owned university vehicle is paid for out of the budget of the motor pool.  If damage is extensive and  replacement is the only viable course of action, the budget of the owning department is charged for a replacement. 

Leased State Vehicle 

Vehicle damage repair expenses are included in the rental rate charged by the State garage, Office of Fleet Administration.  On a case by case basis, DGS may request reimbursement from the campus if circumstances warrant such a reimbursement.

Privately-owned Vehicle on State Business

Damage repairs to a personal vehicle are the responsibility of the owner of the vehicle through their insurance. University departments of employees may reimburse employees the amount of their deductible if the accident is not their fault, if the amounts have been paid by the employee, if the vehicle was being used on University business and if the amount is not due to the cancellation of comprehensive, collision or other insurance.

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