Risk Management & Internal Control

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do the waiver of liability and hold harmless agreement forms need to be completed? 

- Each student should complete the waiver of liability form for each university sponsored field trip or activity.

The guideline that all field trips should begin and end on campus is not always possible.

- Faculty can elect to drive their own personal vehicle or use a university-owned vehicle to transport students. 

What about students who desire/request to travel on their own to a site for a field trip when there will be campus provided alternative transportation offered? 

- Students must be given notice that any such travel is done so at their own risk.  The University is not responsible for students making such arrangements.

How long should the department retain the waivers of liability forms and participant lists? 

- The completed and signed waiver of liability form should be kept for 1 year in the field trip sponsor’s academic department.  They must be readily accessible by the Risk Manager in the event a claim is filed.

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