Risk Management & Internal Control


Cal State East Bay has the following training programs for which you may be required and/or requested to participate:

  • Safety Training – All employees are required to take on-line safety training.
  • Conflict of Interest/Ethics Training – Individuals who, in the course of their employment, make decisions that could have financial consequences and could result in conflict of interest are required to complete a statement of economic interests and take an on-line ethics training course.  Positions include management (MPP), purchasing/procurement, procurement card holders, Student Services Professional IV, physicians, pharmacists, etc.
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention (SHP) Training – Individuals who have supervisory authority and/or serve in a MPP management position are required to take an on-line SHP training
  • Defensive Driver Training – Employees   who drive on behalf of the University in the course of their employment, are required to take defensive driver training, and authorize the University to obtain their DMV driving records.
  • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA)- Employees with access to student data in course of their employment shall receive training regarding adherence to federal legislation governing the confidentiality of student records.
  • Background Check/ Fingerprinting - Employees whose positions are considered "sensitive" such as those working with minor children, handling cash or financial resources, holding master keys, and those with access to personally identifiable information etc. may be subject to fingerprinting.
  • New Employee Orientation – all employees – staff, faculty and management are invited to a new employee orientation concerning employee benefits programs, payroll plans, computer usage, campus protocol, safety and other topics.
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