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Information for Recruiters

ALP has long and fruitful relationships with many recruiters all over the world. We value their contribution to our program and always try to address their particular needs in working with us.

We offer a standard agreement for student support payments on student applications to our programs. We offer exclusive arrangements only if the recruiter has become a partner of ours in developing a specific program. Currently, we operate special programs such as these with recruiters in Japan, Sweden, France, China, and Thailand.

If your organization would like to become an recruiter for ALP, please email the ALP Director at:

What we can offer recruiters:

  1. Accurate, complete, honest, and prompt processing of student applications
  2. Updated materials. If your market has special publicity needs, we listen to you and attempt to address them.
  3. Personalized and prompt question and answer email exchanges with our staff. We will get back to you within 48 hours unless our office is closed for holidays.
  4. Timely processing of student support payments checks - sent out in the third week of the quarter.
  5. Occasional visits by our representatives to your country to give orientations to your staff and meet potential students.

What we expect from recruiters:

  1. Provide the most current and relevant information possible about our programs to potential students
  2. A "student-first" attitude to recruitment whereby students are encouraged to apply only to programs that clearly address their needs and where there are no clear reasons why they should not study there.
  3. Reasonable, local market-based pricing for fees charged to students in connection with their application to our programs.
  4. Up to date knowledge about US Student Visa requirements and procedures.
Last Updated 1/21/10