IELTS Cancellation and Test Transfer

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All requests for cancellation or postponement of the test should be made in writing.

Test Date Cancellations

Candidates may request a test day cancellation more than five weeks before the selected test date and receive a full refund. A candidate who cancels a test within the 5 week period before a test date will receive no refund. Failure to appear for the test without notification, or arriving too late on test day to be admitted for the test, are considered cancellations and no refund will be issued.

Test Date Transfers

Candidates may request a test date transfer if the request is made more than 5 weeks before the selected test date.  You may not request a test date transfer less than five weeks before the selected test date.

Cancellations and Transfers due to Medical Necessity

Candidates seeking cancellation or transfer within the five-week period prior to the test date can receive a refund or transfer without charge if they can provide medical evidence that their ability to take the test has been affected by serious illness or cause. A Test Day Refund/Transfer form should be requested from the test center and must be completed and returned not more than five working days after the test date, with full supporting medical documentation, before refunds or transfers can be considered.  Contact to request a Test Day Refund/Transfer Form. 

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