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Assessment Results

Assessment Results

In the Fall of 2019, this page will be updated with a University Summary Report with background, methods, results, and discussion on student learning data collected for written communication and information literacy to help examine key competencies the University has identified for all students to have learned by graduation. This report will include: 

  • Assessment of undergraduate senior level work for ILO Written Communication and Information Literacy Student Work 2018-2019
  • Assessment of graduate level ILO written communication student work 2018-2019
  • Assessment of GE first year composition (A2) pilot, Spring 2019
  • National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)
  • Undergraduate Writing Skills Requirement
  • Student Center for Academic Achievement (SCAA)

These data will be used along with additional data for academic review discussion, analysis, and decision making in Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 to improve student learning.

Written Communication and Information Literacy Assessment of Student Learning

WC and IL Assessment of Student Learning

University Summary Report

Link to University Summary Report

Supporting Documentation

Written Communication and Information Literacy University Summary Report

These are addendum documents linked to the University Summary Report

  • Link to SCAA Report
  • Link VWSR
  • NSSE Results
  • Faculty Calibration Training
  • Faculty Feedback From WC-IL Alignment
  • History development of ILO's
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