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Programming Council

The Program Council shall work with representatives of all ASI programming departments to enact the board’s vision for special events.    This group will also regularly poll the opinion of students for their desired programs and services and share the result with the board. The program council members and volunteers will work in concert with advisors and select staff to plan and deliver various events and activities within the budget parameters set by the ASI Board of Directors. This committee will meet at least twice a month during the academic year.  The purpose of this committee is to:

  • Enact the board’s vision for cultural, social, and recreational activities in all three ASI facilities and the campus community outdoor spaces with recommendations to staff.
  • Poll diverse students from all areas of campus on the types of events and activities they would like to see ASI support and or provide.
  • Report regularly to the Board of Directors on all events and activities held in ASI.
  • Recommend changes in building hours to the ASI Board of Directors in support of student needs.
  • Work with staff and advisors to set the priority of the next fiscal year’s activity calendar.
  • Will be responsible for planning and implementing special events from the ASI Board.
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