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Statement of Intention to Register (SIR)


Proposal for Enrollment Fee Concurrent with Intent to Register

Context: The attrition of students completing Statements of Intention to Register (SIR) has steadily increased over the past eight years, undermining our ability to engage in accurate enrollment predictions. For the freshmen cohort, the melt has increased from 26% in 2009 to 34% last year. Transfer melt has increased from 33% to 40% during the same period.

Practices at Other Campuses of the California State University

The majority of CSU campuses require an enrollment fee to submit the SIR. The fees range from $100 (Los Angeles, Monterey Bay, and San Francisco) to a high of $400 at San Diego State.


Effective for fall 2018, both freshmen and transfers will be required to submit a mandatory, nonrefundable, orientation fee of $110 with a SIR in order to secure a place in the entering class.


Students would use the currently existing Student Financial Portal in My CSUEB for this purpose. Mandatory freshmen orientation is already in place. Transfers would be subject to the same process for Fall 2018 semester: Dialog has begun between Enrollment Services (Admissions) and Academic Advisement related to planning for preliminary transfer credit evaluations needed for all confirmed transfers as required for advisement. A virtual on-line alternative will be available for transfers and international students who are unable to attend orientation due to work commitments or distance.

This change will be communicated through the Chancellor's Office website, CSU counselor update events, and email communication to school and community college counselors throughout the fall, winter, and spring. Campus websites will be modified to reflect this change (Prospective Student Services; Admissions; Financial Aid) and this will be communicated in Acceptance packet brochures, and the call to action in all post-acceptance communications (e.g. email and print as appropriate).

Enrollment Fee Applied Toward Orientation

Beginning Fall 2018, all newly admitted degree-seeking freshman and transfer students will be required to pay a non-refundable Enrollment fee of $110 to secure a place in the entering class. The fee will subsequently be applied toward students' costs for participation in Orientation.

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Frequently asked questions

Students who are admitted to the University in a degree seeking program are required to pay the fee before they can submit their SIR (Student Intent to Register). They will then be directed to sign up for Orientation when registration becomes available after the dates are announced.
Yes, Orientation is required for all undergraduate students. A virtual on-line alternative is available for transfer students unable to attend on site orientation due to distance or work obligations.
The deposit fee will need to be paid up front, but will be considered part of the total fall semester costs (fees) used to determine financial aid eligibility, making reimbursement possible subsequent to financial aid disbursement.
Students who are deemed inadmissible and who did not attend Orientation will automatically receive a refund of the deposit fee minus a processing fee. Those who attended Orientation, however, will have received the service for which the fee was charged and, therefore, will not have the fee refunded.
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