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Faculty Advisors

A list of lead faculty advisors available to meet for major/option and career advising during the 2017-18 academic year is provided in the tables below. Of course students may visit any Biology faculty member for advising and a full list of all biology faculty members and their contact information can be found on the Faculty Office Hours page.

Fall 2017 - Spring 2018 Lead Faculty Advisors
UNDERGRADUATES STUDENTS (B.S./B.A.)Lead Faculty AdvisorEmail addressPhone NumberOffice
Biology Education (B.A.) Dr. Caron Inouye 510-885-2941 SA 1500
Cell & Molecular Biology (B.S.) Dr. Ken Curr 510-885-3416 SC-N 425
Ecology and Conservation Biology (B.S.) Dr. Erica Wildy 510-885-4387 SC-S 325
Forensic Science (B.S.) Dr. Chris Baysdorfer 510-885-3459 SC-N 402
General Option (B.S.) Dr. Tyler Evans 510-885-3475 SC-S 333
Dr. Erica Wildy 510-885-4387 SC-S 325
Microbiology/Biomedical Sciences (B.S.) Dr. Nazzy Pakpour 510-885-2629 SC-N 418
Physiology (B.S.) Dr. James Murray 510-885-2367 SC-S 303
Semester Conversion Info Dr. Erica Wildy 510-885-4387 SC-S 325
GRADUATE STUDENTS (M.S.)Graduate CoordinatorEmail addressPhone NumberOffice
All Dr. Maria Gallegos 510-885-2856 SC-S 351
PRE-PROFESSIONAL PROGRAM ADVISING (PHAP)DirectorEmail addressPhone NumberOffice
Students interested in med, vet, dental, pharm school Dr. Oscar Wambuguh 510-855-2366 SC-N 113
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