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Welcome to Cal State East Bay!

Cascade Server is a content management system which is used to create & manage digital content on California State University East Bay's website.

It is very important to understand the basic functionality of Cascade Server in order to edit content on your website.

Log in to Cascade Server to access your Website

Dashboard of Cascade Server

  • It is important to know the structure of all site folders before using the CMS in order to not be confused about where to put things and how to navigate through the folders you are using
  • You will see a folder structure and Dashboard when you login to Cascade Server
  • Your site will reside under the Base Folder with a name created by Web Services, this folder is what is referred to as a site-folder
  • Your Site Folder contains all web pages that are apart of your site, your Site Folder will also contain a files folder to contain all of your documents and images

    files in asset tree

  • You will do your work in the Main Content Area outlined in RED below.

    main area

Basic Best Practices

  • Naming: Always use lowercase when naming folders and pages and use a hyphen if using more than one word (e.g. page-name)
  • Images: Create and use a sub-folder within files/images folder to stay organized
  • Documents: Create and use a sub-folder within files/docs folder to stay organized
  • Metadata: When creating pages, always fill out all information for Display Name, Title, Keywords, and Description
  • Publishing: Publish to the Test Server and preview changes before publishing to publishing production server
  • Hyperlinks: Use new tabs for external links so your audience will stay on your site
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