Faculty and Staff Awards

Each academic year (AY), CBE presents the following awards to outstanding faculty and staff in the Spring term (quarter or semester):

Staff Recognition Award

Abendroth Outstanding Lecturer Award

Innovative Teaching Award

BSBA Online Teachning Award

Marv Remmich Outstanding Faculty Teaching Award

Marv Remmich Outstanding Faculty Research Award

Marv Remmich Outstanding Faculty Service Award

In 2018, the chair (or a representative) of each CBE standing committee (Curriculum, Faculty Affairs and RTP) and the interim associate dean will form a group. The group will review the nominations, and upon consultation with the department chairs and the interim dean, will select the recipients of the awards.  Normally, an employee should not receive the same award more than once within a 3-AY time window.  

Nomination Form

Please return the nomination and supporting documents to the CBE Dean’s Office by 5 pm on May 1, 2018.  You can also email your nomination to myra.drouillard@csueastbay.edu. Award winners will be announced at the CBE Recognition Dinner/Celebration on Friday, June 1, 2018.