Applicants with 3-Year Bachelor Degrees

The Fourth Year Bridge Program

Applicants who have earned a three-year bachelor’s degree abroad can combine the master’s program with one year of undergraduate study at Cal State East Bay to bring their qualifications up to equivalency with a four-year bachelor’s. Those who completed A- or O-levels prior to university study, or subsequently obtained a master’s degree, are exempt and do not need the extra year.

The Fourth Year Bridge Program is designed to prepare you for the master’s program in economics, and upon completion you will be admitted to graduate study as long as you achieve an overall GPA of 3.0 and grades of at least C- in each class. 


Apply via Cal State Apply, in the graduate section, selecting "Unclassified Post Baccalaureate - Fourth Year Bridge Program," as your major/program objective. You will need to submit an application fee and official copy of your college transcript.

During the last quarter of your Fourth Year Bridge Program studies, submit an Application for Change of Graduate Objective


Take at least three courses per quarter (nine in total) while in the bridge year.

Required (4):

  • ECON 3000-3001 Microeconomic Theori I-II
  • ECON 3005 Macroeconomic Theory
  • ECON 4400 Introduction to Econometrics

Economics Electives (2):

Any two upper division (3000- or 4000-level) economics classes (except the four above). See the department's undergraduate course offerings

General Education (3):

One upper-division GE course in each of three areas: science, social science, and humanities. Examples include: in science, engineering (ENGR 3190 Human Factors Engineering), geography (GEOG 4320 Energy and Society), or statistics (STAT 3050 Statics: From Data to Decisions); in social science, anthropology (ANTH 3765 Business Anthropology), engineering (ENGR 3140 Engineering Economy), geography (GEOG 3000 Sustainable Resource Management, GEOG 3540 China and Japan), political science (POSC 3419 Labor Policy and LawPOSC 3521 Politics of the Global EconomyPOSC 3800 Public Policy AnalysisPOSC 4171 Public Policy and the Environment), or sociology (SOC 3431 Seminar in World Development); in humanities, philosophy (PHIL 3002 Modern LogicPHIL 3332 Philsophy of SciencePHIL 3335 Science, Technology, and ValuesPHIL 3560 Business and Professional Ethics).

All Cal State East Bay students have to satisfy the University Writing Skills Requirement