MA Economics

Econ Faculty F15

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The demand and income premium for hard skills is always increasing. Economists are experts at quantitative analysis:

  • Identifying optimal actions and policies.
  • Anticipating market outcomes and evaluating the effects of changes.
  • Modeling data to explain and predict.

Our master's program in economics equips you with the intellectual rigor and data savvy to find clever solutions, right in the world's hub of innovation and one of the most skill-oriented job markets. Typical career destinations for professional economists in the Bay Are are:

  • Corporate finance and banking.
  • Marketing research.
  • Consulting.
  • Public and NGO administration.
  • Research and teaching.

Learn more about graduate study in economics in the Bay Area. In particular, find out about the job market for professional economists or going from a master's to a Ph.D in economics. 

Program Director:
Associate Professor Christian Roessler