Advertising Minor

The advertising minor allows students to integrate an interdisciplinary set of advertising-related courses with their own major and their general education requirements. The minor program is designed to complement your primary degree of study.

Curriculum (47 units)

Students must have completed the prerequisites listed in the course description for any course they use to satisfy the following requirements.

(Communication majors may use all 47 units for their major and/or G.E. requirements; Business Administration majors may use 39 of the 47; Sociology majors, 31 of the 47; and English and Psychology majors, 27 of the 47 units.) 

COMM 3340 Graphic Communication (4)
COMM 4520 Advertising Form and Function (4)
COMM 4530 Advertising-Public Relations Campaign (4)
ENGL 2005 Grammar for Writers (4)
or ENGL 3005 Study of Language (4) 
MKTG 3401 Marketing Principles (4)
MKTG 3410 Advertising Management (4) 
MKTG 3445 Seminar in Marketing Research (4)
or SOC 4111 Methods of Sociological Research I (4) 
MKTG 4412 Media Planning (4)
or COMM 3100 Intro. to Professional Video Prod. (4) 
PSYC 1000 General Psychology (or 1001 or 1005) (5)
STAT 1000 Elements of Probability and Statistics (5)
or STAT 2010 Elements of Stat. for Business & Econ.(5) 

An advisor-approved Art activity course (5) 

Strongly Recommended

PSYC 1100 Critical Thinking in Psychology (4) 
PSYC 3510 Attitudes and Opinions (4)
or PSYC 4740 Psycholinguistics (4) 

Internship experiences in advertising and/or public relations (4-8) 

Additional Electives Relevant to the Minor

ACCT 2251 Financial Reporting and Analysis (4)
ART/COMM 3600 Digital Photography II(4)
ART 4600 Image and Idea (4)
COMM 4510 Public Relations Theory and Practice (4)
MKTG 3425 Promotion (4)
MKTG 4415 Corporate Communications (4)
SOC 1000 Introduction to Sociology (or 1002) (4)


At least 12 units of the coursework must be completed at Cal State East Bay to receive recognition of the minor on the Cal State East Bay transcript or diploma. A student cannot have both an option and a minor in the same area. Grade point average for all courses applied must be a 2.00 or higher. Students must have completed the prerequisites listed in the course description for any course they select to satisfy the upper division requirements. At least 18 units must be outside the student’s major. At least one course in the minor must be taken for a letter grade (A-F grading pattern).