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What is a Minor?

A minor is an area of specialty in a field or group of related fields other than your major. A minor is not required. Minors range in size from 24-48 quarter units.

Courses in a minor may be double-counted in General Education, general degree, or major requirements, which means that adding a minor may not require too many additional courses beyond your degree program. Students can declare a minor at any point during their college career.

Who can declare a Minor?

The Business Administration minor is open to students in all majors outside of Business. There are many programs with options that require some of the same courses in the minor, such as Construction Management, Health Science, or Psychology.

There is no major that wouldn’t benefit from a little knowledge on subjects such as accounting, finance, and management. 

Why should I declare a Minor in Business?

Upon completion of the program, students will have an in-depth understanding of how businesses are structured and operate within their respective markets. In addition, students will emerge from the program with the aptitude and confidence necessary to lead others towards accomplishing their employer’s organizational objectives.

Having this additional specialty can set you above other job applicants, as potential employers will see a driven, passionate individual with the time management and organizational skills necessary for leadership roles in their companies.